Shinohara 92 Series

The Shinohara 92 Series


Shinohara’s 92cm (SRA1) machine is a great choice for serious commercial printers who seek the ultimate in quality but wish to maximise profits by improving efficiency and reducing waste.

As well as the full range of quality and productivity features, the 92cm format means 8 x A4 sheets can be produced more economically than on a B1 press.


• Medium or high pile option
• Aqueous or UV coating options
• Drying options including IR,
UV and UV interdeck applications
• Ink temperature control option (TCPS)
• Shinohara pre and de inking software (SPIS)
• Shinohara colour control station option (SCCS) for closed loop spectral colour control
• Pre-set feeder and delivery option

configs 92


papersize 66


  • Specifications at a glance

  • Running Speed: 4,000 - 16,000
    Max Sheet Size 625 x 920mm (650 x 920 mm version available)
    Min Sheet Size: 260 x 400mm
    Stock range: 0.04 - 0.7mm
    Max Print Area 615 x 910mm
    Feeder Pile Height: 1,070mm
    Delivery Pile Height 900mm


High levels of automation
Unique patented technology
B2 to SRA1 format
Perfecting options
Low, medium and high pile options
High end commercial quality


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