Finishing Machines

Printers Superstore are the UK agent for a vast range of high quality, low cost finishing machines.

We can supply all the machines within days direct to your premises and we can also provide on-site training for each machine aquired by your company if required. If you would like more information - please contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss our range of machines.

    Pouch and Roll Laminators

  • Trident Laminator


    Double and single sided laminators allows you to do all possible kinds of lamination with just one ultra compact flexible machine at a really attractive price. Width 36 or 46 or 66 cm.
  • Pocket Laminators

    Pocket Laminators

    Great value tabletop machines, 10 or 6 roll. On the 10 roll you may process at up to 4.3 m/min, thatís about 50% more than the best speed of other machines.
  • Triton Laminators

    Medium Volume Laminators

    Increase the value of your print, protect the surface and enhance the depth, colour and gloss effect with this low cost laminator for medium volume production.
  • Folding Machines

  • Staple Folder - Table top booklet maker

    Staple Folder

    Advanced table top bookletmaker. It has 2 heads (4 heads optional) and handles standard or loop staples. Features include an out of staples signal, silent operation, fast cycle time and more.
  • DigiFolder A4 - Compact A4 format bucket folding machine

    A4 folder

    Compact A4 format bucket folding machine. 2 pockets is designed to be used in offices and small print shops - will fold sheets from A5 to A4 with 1 or 2 folds in any order.
  • Digi Folder A3 Friction Feed bucket folding machine

    A3 folder

    Friction Feed bucket folding machine. This newly designed folder has a higher specification list than rival light duty folders. Fully auto setting, 6 fold patterns pre-stored.
  • Creasing and Scoring Machines

  • MFS Modular Finishing System - Computerised, touch screen

    Modular Finishing System

    The only system that uses a common set of finishing modules to create a upgradable machine that can fill all your finishing requirements in one pass. You can grow the system as your budget permits and add modules at will.
  • CR-350 Manual 350mm Creasing Machine

    Creasing Machine

    Creasing bar width 350/460mm. The creaser allows you to gently break the paper grain, providing a hinge, while at the same time pushing the printed image into the paper, thus eliminating cracking altogether.
  • MCR-460 Modular 460mm Creasing Machine

    Modular Creasing Machine

    460mm width. The modular hand operated bar creaser has all the options you will ever need in one simple to use device. The creasing anvil and matrix are made of softer material that will gently break the grain of the card to eliminate cracking when folding.
  • CCP-650 Rotating creasing/scoring device

    Rotating Creasing/Scoring device

    This unique device allows you to electrically crease, perf, and cut sheets up to 400 gsm all with the same machine.
  • Card Cutters

  • Digicard 700NC - A4 Format businesscard cutter and markreader

    A4 Business Card Cutter

    A4 Format business card cutter and markreader. Great for all kinds of card production, very easy to use - change format at the push of a button between your programmed settings.
  • Digicard 800NC - A3 Format businesscard cutter and markreader

    A3 Card Cutter

    A3 format card cutter. A cost effective solution for all kinds of cards, incuding business cards, compliment cards and photos. It has a compact size and is equipped with a mark reader. Full bleed cutting is possible - and the cut is extremely accurate with a long knife life.
  • Binders

  • Tabletop Binder

    Hotmelt Tabletop Binder

    Advanced table top hot-melt binder. Binds up to 36mm thickness and 330mm length, with a compact and easy to use design.
  • Binder

    Single Clamp Perfect Binder

    The A high quality single clamp binder with extremely good spine preparation, glue application and cover wraparound at an affordable price. It has 2 glue tanks and integrated side gluing, which you would not expect to find on a machine of this size and price.It will bind soft or hard covers, or padding. Format A6 to A3.
  • M7 - Computer Controlled auto coverfeed,gluing and nipping.

    Automatic Perfect Binder

    The binder has a compact size, pleasing design, and the most advanced features to be found on any single clamp binder at any price.
  • Paper Cutters

  • DigiCut 45 - 45cm electrical guilotine

    45cm Cutter

    The totally new 45cm cutter offers copyshops all the features previously found only on very large professional machines that cost thoudands more. Full 45cm cutting table depth and an extra deep 23cm front table for cutting longer sheets.
  • DigiCut 52 - 52cm electrical guilotine

    52cm Cutter

    Solidly built for years of service, this fully programmable 52cm format guillotine costs less than the price of most second hand machines! Standard features include wide tables with full IR guarding, stainless front and side tables.
  • HydroCut 52 - 52cm hydraulical guilotine

    Hydraulic Cutter

    Compact, easy to use, fully guarded and fully CE certificated cutter, and a breakthrough in value. The advantages of a hydraulic cutter are faster pressing and cutting (3 times faster full cycle), higher pressing and cutting force, less wear, and quieter operation.
  • Punches

  • Heavy Duty Punch 0 electrical operating device

    Heavy Duty Punch

    The worlds fastest compact punch at 50 cycle/min, with a range of super accurate tools give you the best quality holes with no fluff or shards, and all at a competitive price.
  • Paper Joggers

  • Air Jogger

    Air Blast Jogger

    Digital print is typically heavily static charged when it comes off the press and not runnable as such due to the inter-sheet adhesion. The airblast jogger fixes all of that by forcing a high powered jet of air into the pile and gently jogging the sheets to perfect alignment, ready to load into your next finishing device with less trouble from miss-feeds and double sheets.
  • Corner Rounders

  • Corner Rounder - Manual

    Corner Rounders

    Corner rounders are essential for finishing calenders and other documents which require a rounded corner.