Sanxin YK524

Automated Four Colour 52cm Press

The Sanxin YK52 series was first introduced to the UK at Ipex 2006. Since then, they have made their mark with a number of successful UK installations.

The Sanxin company was acquired in 2008 by Hans Gronhi. They occupy their own unique niche in the company’s press portfolio as an entry level machine.

The Sanxin YK series may have fewer features than the flagship Gronhi GH series and require a lower capital investment, but that does not mean these machines lack sophistication, in fact far from it. YK machines have an impressive list of features for high quality and productivity which compare favourably to the majority of presses in their class, whatever their origin.

Features such as semi-automatic plate changing, a CIP-ready off-press control unit, metered dampening and various automated functions are considered necessities for most offset printers in today’s competitive print marketplace. Sanxin presses offer all these features and more, including a suite of touch-screen control systems which offer the very latest in automated press management.

The Sanxin YK524


  • Continuous metered dampening with chiller recirculation
  • Micro image adjustment
  • Semi automatic plate change
  • Double diameter impression cylinder
  • Vacuum suction feed
  • Ultrasonic type double sheet detector
  • Plate register remote control, +/-1mm vertically and +/-1mm laterally
  • Vacuum delivery and decurling device
  • Off press controls (4/5 colours)
  • Fast wash-up
  • High precision gears

  • Specifications

    Max/min sheet size

    520mm x 375mm/ 100mm x 150mm

    Max image area

    520 x 350mm

    Stock range

    0.04 - 0.5mm

    Delivery height





    16 ink (4 oscillating, 4 ink form) 5 dampening (1 oscillating, 1 water form)


    4,100mm x 2,200mm x 1,654mm




    380V 50Hz 40A 15kw




sanxin unit

High levels of automation
Low power consumption
Low cost consumables
Small footprint
Super fast makeready
Low cost per sheet
High end commercial quality