Hans-Gronhi GH524

Automated Four Colour 52cm Press

The GH52 series offers a highly stable machine structure to ensure consistent print at high speeds, and comes as standard with a host of features. These include semi auto plate loading and plate pre-loader, metered dampening with auto dosing chiller recirculation unit, vacuum feed board, remote control plate cylinder movement on the run in all directions (cocking), quick release blanket clamps, de-curler, touch screen controls, and on the GH524 and GH525 models, full Off Press Controls and CIP4.


The GH524

The GH524

The GH52 series of offset printing machines offer world class high quality print and high productivity. They allow truly affordable access to features only typically found on the latest high specification top end models. Research and development and state of the art manufacturing enables Hans Gronhi to offer the world's most cost effective B3 press option. All major mechanical components and assemblies are manufactured in Hans Gronhi’s state of art 385,000m2 facility with Japanese electronics at the heart of the press.


The range is designed for quick turnaround, high quality process colour work and designed to meet the demands of today’s modern printer. Significantly for today’s environmental concerns the presses offer one of the lowest power consumptions of any B3 product, plus an optional alcohol free version is also available.



  • Stream feeder with suction belt feed board
  • Mechanical and ultrasonic double sheet detection
  • Pneumatic side lay
  • Continuous monitoring of sheet arrival at front lays
  • Semi automatic plate loading with pre load facility
  • Automated ink sweep with pre-inking facility*
  • Precision laser cut segmented ink keys
  • Automatic roller wash (programmable)*
  • Continuous metered dampening system with an oscillating bridge roller and pre-damp facility
  • Optional integrated or separated dampening during production
  • Speed compensated damping
  • Automated refrigeration - recirculation and dosing unit
  • Cylinder movement-circumferential-lateral and diagonal
  • Quick release blankets
  • Touch screen controls
  • Programmable pre-dampening cycle
  • Powder spray unit with heated reservoir and vibration
  • Three motorised suction slow down devices
  • Sheet de-curler
  • Air shower in delivery
  • Off press controls with CIP3 compatibility*
  • Network ready*
  • Remote ink profile setting (fully automated with CIP3 link)*
  • Job storage*
  • Central oil shower lubrication system
  • Pneumatically controlled operation

Optional Extras

  • IR drying
  • UV drying
  • Fully automatic quality control colourbar scanning device
  • Numbering and perforating (swing away unit)
  • Automatic blanket wash

  • Specifications

    Number of colours


    Max sheet size

    520 x 370mm

    Min sheet size

    148 x 100mm

    Paper thickness

    0.04 - 0.4mm

    Max printing area

    510 x 360mm

    Plate size

    510 x 410 x 0.15mm

    Feed pile height


    Delivery pile height


    Number of rollers

    19 ink, 4 dampening,5 plate form (4 ink, 1 water)

    Lateral adjustment

    On the run 2mm overall

    Vertical micro adjustment

    On the run 1mm overall

    Diagonal micro adjustment

    On the run 0.2mm in each direction



    Net weight


    Dimensions LxWxH (cm)

    433 x 231 x 172


High levels of automation
Low power consumption
Low cost consumables
Small footprint
Super fast makeready
Low cost per sheet
High end commercial quality


Colourbar scanning, extra units, coating and more


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