Chinese four colour adds up for Barringtonprint

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    The Company


    Formed in 1990, Barringtonprint is a small general commercial printer with only 8 staff, servicing a broad client base from all walks of life, mainly in the local area but including some national and international companies. Almost all processes from artwork to finishing are carried out in-house. Throughout the current downturn the company has kept a steady turnover and is now seeking to increase that with the purchase of a Sanxin YK524 press from Printers Superstore.
    The machine is now in action at the company’s works in Leominster, Herefordshire.

    According to Director Dylan Barrington, the machine was purchased to boost performance in the short-run B3 colour market.


    Exceptional Value

    "Customers expect colour nowadays," he says, "and though we have a full colour SRA2 press there is a constant requirement for B3, which until now we had to print on a two colour press. It was clear we needed a multicolour B3 solution. We looked at the options and decided to stick with litho as it fits in with the rest of our equipment and working practices – and when we compared presses, the Sanxin machine offered such exceptional value, we just had to investigate."


    Well Engineered

    This involved a trip to the Printers Superstore Leeds showroom to test the YK524. "Immediately we could tell this is a well-engineered press, and in terms of performance, it coped with quality colour jobs easily," says Mr Barrington. "When we did the maths, it was clearly our most cost effective option - alternative presses did the same job but were more expensive."


    Low Lifetime Costs

    Mr Barrington points out that the purchase price is not the only saving made by taking the Sanxin option. "You have to look at the lifetime costs, and when you look at the low price of Sanxin parts and consumables, the case gets even stronger," he says. "Printers Superstore have been very responsive and earned our respect, so we’re optimistic about the standard of service in the long term too."


    Optimum Quality

    Since the machine was bought for the short run colour market, Mr Barrington was particularly keen to ensure the most rapid makereadies. "We make full use of the YK524’s CIP3 connection to integrate setup with prepress, so much of the makeready on the YK524 is automated. Once the press starts up, it will get to optimum quality after only a dozen or so run-up sheets. It’s a great short run colour machine which has lived up to expectations."