Ipex 2014: a statement


Hans Gronhi/Printers Superstore WILL be exhibiting at IPEX 2014

  • It is well known throughout the industry that we were disappointed with Informa and their ‘refocusing’ of Ipex 2014 through a white paper issued earlier this year, which was widely perceived both by our customers and other suppliers as favouring digital print as a production platform at the expense of traditional offset litho.

  • As litho is the preferred production method for the overwhelming majority of UK printers, and as a major supplier of litho equipment to the UK market, we felt obliged to make a public response.
    However, after constructive discussions between Hans Gronhi, Printers Superstore and Informa in China, we are very pleased to announce that Hans Gronhi not only support Ipex 2014 but see the UK market as a crucial part of their worldwide growth plans. Consequently we can confirm our commitment to the show.

  • While we were critical of aspects of the IPEX ‘rebrand,’ we did not question the need for IPEX as a major print exhibition in the UK, which we have always supported. We feel the show is a pivotal event for the industry in this country, furthermore it is vital both for IPEX and the industry at large that litho manufacturers are present.

  • It is a sad reflection on the level of commitment of the other offset press manufacturers to the UK market that they have chosen not to participate in IPEX, even in a reduced form, and wonder how their customers – both existing or potential – will view this apparent lack of support.

  • We hope they change their minds. Meanwhile, as the only supplier of offset presses to be demonstrating equipment at the show, we will be flying the flag for offset as a production platform and proudly supporting the thousands of UK offset printers by bringing genuinely new solutions to the UK market. IPEX provides an opportunity to demonstrate the value of the Hans Gronhi and Shinohara machinery range which covers B1 or SRA1, B2 or SRA2 and B3 presses from entry level to advanced full-feature models. There is only one place to come to see the latest offset technology in action at IPEX, and we can assure visitors that we have a long term commitment to their prosperity and that of the UK printing industry.

  • Hans Gronhi and Printers Superstore recognise that IPEX has had to contract along with the industry generally, and we don’t expect the numbers of visitors to match past years, but we expect core decision makers will attend as they have in the past. At IPEX 2010 we sold every machine we had on the stand, and we are still taking orders now from customers who were introduced to our products at the 2010 show.

  • We are looking forward to Ipex 2014 with renewed energy and optimism. We have a great range of products which are realistically priced and can provide a valuable platform for future success.

  • Richard McNeill and Graham Moorby
    Joint Managing Directors KMP/Printers Superstore


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