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    China's Largest

    Hans-Gronhi is China’s largest producer of B3 offset presses. It recently acquired Shinohara, one of the world's best known and longest-established press makers. Gronhi now manufactures presses under both the Gronhi and Shinohara brands in formats from B3 to SRA1, and all are available in the UK and Ireland xclusively via Printers Superstore.

    Founded in 1974

    Gronhi was founded in 1974 and became part of the Hans group of companies in 2006. It has sister companies which produce CTP equipment, laser cutting equipment and electronic components. The company has an impressive market share in China – around 70% of all new B3 press sales – and is well known in South East Asia. It is making rapid progress in the West with installations in many counties including the US, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands, and it has developed a worldwide sales and service network covering all areas of the globe including Austrialia and South America.


    The company produces in excess of 400 B3 four colour presses per year - over one per day – with demand outstripping supply. This has led to the construction of a huge state of the art 385,000m2 factory in the city of Yingkou and a RMB1bn (£100m) investment to meet this demand. Hans-Gronhi is truly a global manufacturer.

    Impressive Techmology

    The sheer scale of Gronhi’s operation is amazing, but equally impressive is the technology at its disposal and the quality of the equipment it is able to produce. Gronhi’s ISO9001 certified facilities employ state of the art CAD/CAM systems and a high level of automation. It's worth noting that in today's global economy, many well known European, Japanese and American products, including presses, are assembled in China, with components of Chinese manufacture.

    Built to last

    Hans Gronhi already has new models in production which will further expand the range in terms of both format and technology, in order to meet a more diverse range of market niches. Although many are attracted to the Gronhi and Sanxin range on the basis of the low investment required, they soon find that the equipment is engineered to the highest standard and built to last, with the full range of features customers expect from a modern printing machine.

Office Details

Hans Gronhi Graphic Tech Ltd
1 East Xinlian Street,
Yingkou City, Liaoning Province
Tel: +86-417 2993002
Fax +86-417 2849393
Email: international@gronhi.com
web: www.gronhi.com

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