• Shinohara

    Some Shinohara models covered include:

    Shinohara 52 - Shinohara 52II - Shinohara 52IV - Shinohara 52V

    Shinohara 52 Series - Shinohara 66 - Shinohara 66IV

    Shinohara 66V - Shinohara 66IVP - Shinohara 66VP

    Shinohara 66IVHP - Shinohara 66VHP - Shinohara 66 Series

    Shinohara 75 - Shinohara 75IV - Shinohara 75V - Shinohara 75IVP

    Shinohara 75VP - Shinohara 75IVHP - Shinohara 75VHP

    Shinohara 75 Series - Shinohara 79 - Shinohara 79IV

    Shinohara 79V - Shinohara 79IVP - Shinohara 79VP

    Shinohara 79IVHP - Shinohara 79VHP - Shinohara 79 Series

    Shinohara 92 - Shinohara 92IV - Shinohara 92V

    Shinohara 92IVH - Shinohara 92VH - Shinohara 92 Series

  • Shinohara Spare Parts

    At Printers Superstore we are pleased to invite your enquiries for any Shinohara spare parts.

    We are agents for the range of Shinohara machinery and can offer a complete range of spare parts and service for models of Shinohara printing machines. Roller enquiries for your Shinohara presses are also invited.


    We can offer Shinohara Spare parts for new and older models, and also common and hard to find Shinohara parts.

    Please send us your enquiries using the online contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

    Or if you wish - you can contact us by telephone on :- (+44) 0113 2088 505.


    >>Make a Shinohara Parts Enquiry online