Turnround and quality for Gronhi B3 five colour "beats digital"

    • Allison



    Oriel Studios Digital Ltd of Merseyside is now running a new Hans Gronhi GH525 five colour B3 press, supplied and installed by Printers Superstore. The task of replacing an ageing four colour Heidelberg GTO fell to Director Marcus Cummins.


    “I did a lot of detailed research into multicolour B3 equipment,” he says, “which included gathering opinions from as many trade sources as possible. We had some really good reports of the Gronhi machine and we were impressed when we saw one in action – it is clearly a well built, modern press.”


    “We then looked at the economics and compared the options. The Gronhi is a machine which offers a substantial saving against both used and new equipment from other manufacturers, with a similar depreciation rate over time. It is obvious that the print quality, productivity and operation is much the same as the expensive presses – in the end, given the low cost, I really couldn’t find a reason to buy any other machine.”

  • Winning

    Oriel is a highly versatile printer which began life as a repro house 40 years ago and has diversified into numerous areas, achieving recent success in the wide format and signmaking arena. It operates digital printing equipment alongside the Gronhi machine. “We like having the flexibility of passing work between litho and digital, but we’re finding that if we’re quick and can turn jobs around fast, litho wins almost every time”


    Mr Cummins says the key to the Gronhi’s productivity is automation. “We use a CIP3 workflow to automate the press inking, and we mount metal CTP plates very rapidly. As a result our makereadies are extremely quick, and unlike our old machine the output quality is reliable. The speed of turnround means we can quote more competitively due to the reduced labour rates – we are winning work we previously lost.”

    Plus points

    “There are plenty of other plus points for the Gronhi,” says Mr Cummins, “it’s extremely easy to use, it’s a solid cast iron machine, running costs are low and it has the support of Printers Superstore, who we have found to be a very supportive and friendly company to deal with. Relationships are important to us, as we have always had a co-operative and constructive philosophy which counts for everyone whether they are staff, customers, or other print businesses in our area. Trust is a valuable asset.”


    Oriel prints for a huge range of customers nationally. It has achieved what most printers could only dream of during the recent recession; a trebling of capacity and a doubling of turnover to a current level of around £1.5m per year. Its expansion has included the acquisition of several smaller local companies who were effectively absorbed into the Oriel family, usually including equipment and staff. The company now employs 21.

    Pictured above : Marcus Cummins with the Hans Gronhi GH525