Shinohara machine at the heart of the one true litho stand at Ipex


Open House 26th April

24-29 MARCH 2014
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Stand N5-D411

Emerging press giant Hans Gronhi provides the focus for litho printers at Ipex 2014 as the only global offset manufacturer with a genuine presence at the show and demonstrating a commitment to the UK and European markets. In conjunction with UK and Ireland distributor Printers Superstore, the company has taken over 300m2 of space to show a range of equipment including a Shinohara 75VH five colour B2 press with coater and extended high pile delivery, and two machines from its highly successful 52cm series, the five colour Hans Gronhi GH525 and two colour GH522NP with numbering and perforating. All presses will be shown printing work live on-stand.

Printers Superstore joint MD Graham Moorby; “We are proud to fly the flag for offset at Ipex, and we’re looking forward to demonstrating equipment which competes with any alternative on all levels, and offers what we believe is the fastest return on investment in the market. Anyone serious about commercial print should make sure they stop by; there’s a strong economic case to be made for our machines.” Centre stage on the Hans Gronhi Stand is the Shinohara 75VH. Shinohara has earned an unmatched reputation for quality and innovation for almost a century. When the company was acquired by Hans Gronhi in 2010 the brand was invigorated by the financial backing and production efficiencies its new owner brought.

“Hans Gronhi changed the B3 offset market with an unbeatable quality plus value equation, and we are now in a position to make a similar impact on the offset press market in larger formats from B2 to SRA1,” says Graham Moorby. “We have one of the most advanced and sophisticated offset presses on the market – bar none – at a very competitive and attractive price point.”

SHinohara 75

The list of features on the Shinohara 75VH is long – while many of its automated systems such as plate change, wash up, CIP networking and touch screen control are now common among high level offset machines, it incorporates some unique innovations. For example the Shinohara remote plate register adjustment system addresses the common problem of gear wear suffered by rival machines over the lifetime of the press – when making on the run register adjustments, the plate clamps move and not the cylinders. Furthermore, in most configurations, Shinohara press units are constructed from a single side frame for enhanced stability. “This is a machine built not just for exceptional quality, it’s built to deliver that quality consistently over a long period,” says Graham Moorby.

Other notable features include automated pre-inking and de-inking, paper size preset, ink temperature control and spectral closed loop colour control. The Shinohara range incorporates a huge variety of configurations from 4 to 10 colours and includes perfecting machines. Specifications can include aqueous and UV coating and drying, including interdeck UV. Shinohara also has a sophisticated pressroom networking system (S-NET), and there are options available to print stocks up to 0.6mm (0.75 for the SRA1 92 series).

Although the Shinohara 92 series is not represented on stand, Printers Superstore are keen to attract B1/SRA1 printers to discuss the benefits Shinohara bring to this format. “The majority of work in the B1 format can be more economically produced on an SRA1 machine,” says Graham Moorby.

“The 92cm Shinoharas are exceptional and priced very attractively – we doubt there is a better proposition for the SRA1 printer.” The Hans Gronhi GH52 series of B3 presses has been a great success in the UK with a growing and well established user base. The winning formula has been to offer all the features demanded by the small offset market for quick turnround and high quality– at a price which is considerably lower than rival machines.

“Automated makeready features combined with low pricing and low running costs mean that a Hans Gronhi GH52 series press can compete with digital for ultra short runs on a cost per copy basis,” says Graham Moorby, “but of course this means short runs at offset quality and on offset papers.” He continues;“Even though the Hans Gronhi GH series has been recognized and accepted by the majority of the UK’s 52cm printers, there are still some who think the pricing of these machines – in some cases around half the cost of rivals – makes them too good to be true. I’d say to those printers that seeing is believing – and Ipex is a great opportunity to come and see!”


The five colour GH525 will be shown in production at Ipex. As well as having the lowest power consumption in its class, the GH series boasts plenty of state of the art features including CIP connectivity, touch-screen off press control, auto plate change, metered dampening with auto dosing chiller recirculation unit, vacuum feed board, remote control plate cylinder movement on the run in all directions, and much more. A two colour version with numbering and perforating is also shown.

Visitors to the Hans Gronhi stand can also see some of the company’s CTP offerings; and of course printers who are interested in discussing great deals on the range of parts and consumables which have always been a staple of the Printers Superstore business will be most welcome.

Some special Ipex incentives will be available for customers purchasing at the show – be sure to contact Printers Superstore in advance for details!