Landmark press investment brings Shinohara back to the UK

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    Double first

    Calderprint Ltd has become the first UK printer to purchase a new Shinohara press since the manufacturer’s acquisition by Chinese press giant Hans Gronhi. The five colour Shinohara 75VH plus coater is also the first Shinohara sold by UK distributor Printers Superstore, with a deal made at Ipex. Installation of the machine has just been completed.

    Calderprint is one of the largest trade printers in the North West. The company employs 78 staff across two factories with a total floorspace in excess of 30,000 sq ft. MD Peter Birbeck says that the move was made to help the company – which is exclusively a trade printer - take a further step into the B2 commercial market. “We have traditionally been a producer of high volume work of all kinds, including stationery and forms. Recently this type of business has been in decline, so the emphasis is increasingly on quality multicolour.”

  • Aiming High

    The five colour B2 Shinohara replaces an SRA2 Heidelberg machine and will run alongside a five colour Heidelberg SM74. “We were looking for sophistication and a machine with the highest possible specifications,” says Mr Birbeck. “The Shinohara press has plenty of great features, such as temperature controlled inking, and is highly automated. We also like the single frame construction, which makes it probably the most stable machine available, plus it’s durable enough to have a long lifespan. We’re aiming high, with plans to implement a range of quality control measures such as ISO colour standardisation.”

    B2 impact

    Printers Superstore has made a big impact with the Hans Gronhi range of B3 presses in recent years, as the press offered an unbeatable combination of high quality with competitive pricing, and they are now set to make a similar impact with Shinohara in the larger sheet sizes, as Mr Birbeck explains. “Now that Hans Gronhi are manufacturing Shinohara machines, the price has become much more attractive, and we found we could source a new B2 Shinohara machine for roughly the equivalent of a pre-owned machine from other manufacturers. It’s a very attractive proposition.”

    Landmark sale

    The performance of the company’s two year old Hans Gronhi four colour B3 machine was also a factor in Calderprint’s decision. “It’s been an excellent buy for us, and we have a great relationship with Printers Superstore, who have always been very supportive.”

    Printers Superstore Joint MD Graham Moorby: “This is a landmark sale, representing the first signs of a shift away from the traditional litho press manufacturers in the popular B2 format.”

    Calderprint was founded in 1978. Through its dealings with major print management companies nationwide, it prints for some of the biggest names in UK business, notably from the financial services sector. The Shinohara purchase is part of a £3/4m investment which also includes a Muller Martini bookletmaking line and two MBO folders. The company has a 7m turnover.

    Pictured above : Peter Birbeck with the Shinohara 75VH plus coater


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