Allisonís second pre-owned Sanxin is a four colour

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    Double first for seconds

    In 2011, Allison Printers of Northampton became the first UK company to run a pre-owned Hans Gronhi Sanxin press, with the installation of a 52cm two colour machine from Printers Superstore. The company has now upgraded, replacing the two colour YK522 and installing the UKs first pre-owned four colour Hans Gronhi Sanxin YK524.


    MD Matthew Willmer is unequivocal in his enthusiasm for his original Hans Gronhi Sanxin press which he says has transformed the company’s business. “From day one it has opened up new opportunities for us, and enabled us to take on a constantly expanding range of jobs,” he says.

  • Economic

    “Firstly you have to look at the economics of the Sanxin machines, which are a low cost option; they’re inexpensive to buy but also inexpensive to run, with low cost consumables and low power usage. You would be tempted to think this would mean a lower build quality, but that is not the case; everyone who visits us, from our trade customers to engineers – and even sales people from rival press manufacturers – comment on how solid and well built they are, thanks to a single frame construction.”

    He continues: “We also get surprised comments about our output quality. I can honestly say that the output of our Hans Gronhi Sanxin press is equal to anything an equivalent German or Japanese machine can produce. These machines offer little more than a brand name; what we need is a genuine competitive edge.”


    Allison Printers deal with a range of customers throughout the UK, both directly and indirectly through brokers and buyers. A significant proportion of the company’s workload is placed from the local trade, and according to Mr Willmer, this has helped to test the Hans Gronhi Sanxin machine and widen the range of services offered.

    “We regularly take on the work other local printers don’t want or can’t handle. This often means something prosaic such as NCR work, but sometimes it’s more unusual. We’ve been producing folding box work for printers who don’t want to put 500 micron board through their machines, but the Sanxin doesn’t have a problem with it. We have even printed on polypropylene using Oxi Combi inks. As a result of the two colour work we’re now experts in the use of special colours; we’ll continue to use them even on the four colour machine, the wash-ups are so good we can re-ink the units quickly and be back to CMYK in next to no time. We’re using CIP networking with the YK524 as well, which means ultra fast setups.”


    The move from two to four colour production was a logical step designed to reduce outwork and continue the company’s steady expansion. “It had to be another Hans Gronhi Sanxin press,” says Mr Willmer, “and we were fortunate that the right machine came along at the right time. The deal was great, and there was no problem with the finance company who recognised the value of the Hans Gronh Sanxin brand.”

    Alllison Printers is a small general commercial printer employing 6 full time staff, which has been trading for over 80 years. It is a family business, with Matthew having recently taken over from his father Roy, now in semi-retirement.

    Pictured above : Matthew Willmer with the four colour YK524